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  March 12, 2020

Tax Investigation Insurance

Tax investigations are now more common than ever, it isn't just something you hear about anymore. HMRC has revealed that in the year to April 19, it brought in a record total of £627.9bn up 3.6% (£22.1bn) on the previous year.

A tax investigation is not a nice experience, but it is reality and does happen. HMRC has the power to inspect business documents and information, make unannounced inspections and go back to 20 years to investigate matters. It is not uncommon for a business to receive a letter from HMRC advising that they want to carry out a routine VAT or PAYE check. This sounds fairly innocent but can often lead to a more in-depth enquiry because they are entitled to reveiew all transactions across a business. IR35 and employment status disputes also seem to be on the rise.

Save money and stress now and get protected. Take out our tax investigation insurance today and get protected subject to any of the following events:

  • A Full Enquiry
  • An Aspect Enquiry
  • A Business Inspection Notice
  • VAT/PAYE/CIS Compliance Visit*
  • VAT Dispute
  • PAYE/NIC/CIS Dispute
  • Employment Status Dispute
  • IHT Cover**
  • Gift Aid Inspection*
  • Partners/Directors Cover
  • Application for a Judicial Review**
  • Code of Practice 8 Investigation**
  • IR35 Status Check*
  • IR35 Dispute
  • Interventions (Informal Enquiries)*

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