We are here to help to take the stress of dealing with accounts and tax filings and deadlines.


Business Plans & Forescasts

We are happy to help with putting together business plans and forecasts or in reviewing ones that you have prepared or received. We’ll always try to do this work as part of our fee, but if it takes a little longer – or becomes a more lengthy exercise – we’ll have to charge a little more, but not before we’ve told you and agreed any additional fee.

Business plans and forecasts are easy to prepare incorrectly; anyone can show a profit of £10m a year in 3 year’s time if you use the appropriate assumptions about your sales growth (you don’t need to watch more than one edition of Dragons’ Den to know that). Our business plans and forecasts involve grilling you to convince us that the sales will come, the margins will be maintained and the overheads won’t spiral out of control.

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Free Cloud Accounting

Our FREE cloud accounting software with a FREE mobile app are available to you if you want to use them.  We’re also happy to take paper records with any additional cost being built into your guaranteed fixed price.

Free Financial Assistance

Take advantage of our FREE financial services review and FREE assistance with mortgage or rent applications.

Free Tax Investigation Insurance

We provide you with FREE tax investigation insurance to cover the cost of additional accountant’s bills if HMRC come calling.

Cash Back Introductory Scheme

Our generous cash back introductory scheme – £50 cash back as soon as someone recommended by you starts to pay us.

Cash Back Client Delivery Charter

That’s right! You scratch our back and we scratch yours!  If you help us to adhere to the annual timetable we’ve promised to deliver to, we will reward you with cash back through our Client Delivery Charter.


We can help you from £39+VAT a month.

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