We are here to help to take the stress of dealing with accounts and tax filings and deadlines.



We’ll run your business payroll for you, ensuring compliance with HMRC requirements, including telling you exactly how much and when to make payments to HMRC for PAYE and national insurance and making sure your employees get their payslips, P60 (and P45 where needed).

We’ll also work with you to determine whether any amounts you pay yourself and family members should be changed, either to keep HMRC happy or to save you unnecessary tax. This is particularly important if you run a limited company, making sure you will be awarded your annual national insurance “stamp”, whilst also minimising the tax and national insurance cost to you.

We can also set up your workplace pension scheme (auto-enrollment) if you do not have one and let you know each month how much needs to be paid to the pension scheme operator.

We can advise on the cost to you and to your employees of benefits such as company cars and will take care of any P11D filings for you. 

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Free Cloud Accounting

Our FREE cloud accounting software with a FREE mobile app are available to you if you want to use them.  We’re also happy to take paper records with any additional cost being built into your guaranteed fixed price.

Free Financial Assistance

Take advantage of our FREE financial services review and FREE assistance with mortgage or rent applications.

Free Tax Investigation Insurance

We provide you with FREE tax investigation insurance to cover the cost of additional accountant’s bills if HMRC come calling.

Cash Back Introductory Scheme

Our generous cash back introductory scheme – £50 cash back as soon as someone recommended by you starts to pay us.

Cash Back Client Delivery Charter

That’s right! You scratch our back and we scratch yours!  If you help us to adhere to the annual timetable we’ve promised to deliver to, we will reward you with cash back through our Client Delivery Charter.


We can help you from £39+VAT a month.

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