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Whatever you are doing and however you are doing it, we're here to help.

Self-Assessment Tax Returns

“Tax doesn’t need to be taxing” said the cartoon man on HMRC’s adverts. “So why do you make it so” we all chorus back. 

Annual Accounts

Preparation and filing is our bread ‘n’ butter and we’re happy to prepare whatever information you maintain

VAT Returns

If you are VAT registered, we’ll make sure you return are prepared and submitted on time


Corporation Tax

As well as making sure your limited company is properly registered with HMRC, we’ll take of the filings and advise you what needs paying and when.


We’ll run your business payroll for you, ensuring compliance with HMRC requirements, including telling you exactly how much and when to make payments to HMRC for PAYE and national insurance and making sure your employees get their payslips, P60

Tax Investigation Insurance*

Every year, HMRC carries out enquiries into the tax affairs of an increasing number of individuals and businesses in the UK.


We have over our time in business identified a number of particularly helpful people who are authorised to provide you advice and would be delighted to introduce you to them.

Business Plans & Forecasts

We are happy to help with putting together business plans and forecasts or in reviewing ones that you have prepared or received.


Getting a mortgage when you run your own business is often difficult, with mortgage providers wanting to see accounts and self assessment returns

Debt Recovery

If you’re not able to convince your customers to pay by direct debit you can often find yourself chasing long outstanding debtors.

Tax Investigations

We can help to reduce the likelihood of a review or investigation by making sure your tax returns are clear, on time and error free.

HR & Employment Law

When you’re running a business you’re unlikely to have the expertise or the time to be an expert in every field. 

Our Packages

Sole Trader

From £39/month


Limited Companies

From £69/month





We want to be fair with our clients and want them to be fair with us. That’s why we set out our charter and offer you a further cash back if you help us adhere to the annual timetable we’ve promised to deliver to.

We promise that if you:

  • Meet our agreed financial timetable for supplying information and responses to queries.
  • Give us all the relevant information we request.
  • Take care to make sure any paperwork or scanned images are readable.

Then we will:

  • Ensure your returns are all submitted on time.
  • Work tirelessly to save you tax.
  • Give you an additional £25 cash back as a thank you.
  • Refund you a month’s payment of your fee to us.

See what our clients say...

Really great team, always happy to help and provide advice. Been very supportive when setting up my new business and have used them ever since. Highly recommended!

Station Brew

Been a client of Semilliam for over a year and Chris is always on top of my accounts and helping me. I aways have a tonne of questions which he always answers for me making my small business so much easier to run! Thanks!

Wade Twins