Whatever you are doing and however you are setting about it, we’re here to help.


Preparation and filing is our bread ‘n’ butter and we’re happy to prepare whatever information you maintain, no matter whether you use an accounting package (we offer you a FREE one), spreadsheets or simply a file with pieces of paper in.

But please see the HMRC guidance If you’re operating as a limited company, or here if you’re a sole trader

We know the best way to ensure we provide a great service is if we properly understand your business, so as well as simply preparing your annual accounts, we’ll provide a commentary on your accounts, in layman’s terms, to add to your understanding of how your business is performing.


“Tax doesn’t need to be taxing” said the cartoon man on HMRC’s adverts. “So why do you make it so” we all chorus back.

We have done thousands of self-assessment tax returns and, using HMRC approved software, we are able to guarantee your return will be submitted accurately and on time.

We’ll provide a checklist for you to confirm all the elements to be included and won’t rest in our attempt to suggest actions you could take to reduce your tax bill and, as part of our Client Delivery Charter we’ll  politely push you to let us prepare it sooner rather than later each year.


If you are VAT registered, we’ll make sure you return are prepared and submitted on time – the penalty regime can be severe if there are repeated failures to comply with the HMRC timetable. 

We’ll also advise you if you need to remain registered as well as looking at the various schemes available to see if you would benefit from switching to a different scheme. 

If you’re not registered we’ll advise you whether you may soon need to be (where we’ll monitor the position every month), explain any benefits and likely costs of registering (in case you wish to register voluntarily) and also run through with you the legal ways of avoiding registration or delaying it.

We’ll also make sure that your first VAT return includes all the allowable VAT costs you’ve incurred prior to registration, which might be a very significant sum.


We’ll run your business payroll for you, ensuring compliance with HMRC requirements, including telling you exactly how much and when to make payments to HMRC for PAYE and national insurance and making sure your employees get their payslips, P60 (and P45 where needed).

We’ll also work with you to determine whether any amounts you pay yourself and family members should be changed, either to keep HMRC happy or to save you unnecessary tax. This is particularly important if you run a limited company, making sure you will be awarded your annual national insurance “stamp”, whilst also minimising the tax and national insurance cost to you.

We can also set up your workplace pension scheme (auto-enrollment) if you do not have one and let you know each month how much needs to be paid to the pension scheme operator.

We can advise on the cost to you and to your employees of benefits such as company cars and will take care of any P11D filings for you. 


As well as making sure your limited company is properly registered with HMRC, we’ll take of the filings and advise you what needs paying and when, so we’ll make sure you don’t receive any penalties.

We’ll also look and keep under review the available tax reliefs to make sure you don’t pay any more tax than necessary. 

We can help, and will actively look, for opportunities to save you tax in areas such as R&D tax credits, use of the Patent Box scheme and capital allowances on any commercial property you own, even if you rent it out.


We are not authorised to give investment advice and cannot advise you which pension type or fund to choose for yourself or for your business.

We have over our time in business identified a number of particularly helpful people who are authorised to provide you advice and would be delighted to introduce you to them. We use some of these advisers to provide our clients with full financial services reviews to help you make the most of the money we save you in tax!

We can also help with workplace pension schemes (“auto-enrolment”) which have to be offered to all employees meeting certain employment criteria (which will include anyone over 21 years old and earning more than £10,000 a year). When running your payroll we will automatically access each employee to check if they should be enrolled and let you have the amounts to be deducted from their pay and the amounts to be added by your business. If we have set your autoenrollment scheme up we’ll also post the necessary information on line to the pension provider for you.


HMRC is empowered to launch investigations into any business or individual even if they have no particular reason for doing so. Some may be just periodic reviews and some might arise through something odd looking in one of your tax returns.

We can help to reduce the likelihood of a review or investigation by making sure your tax returns are clear, on time and error free.

In the event of HMRC still wishing to carry out a review or investigation , our tax investigation insurance offer peace of mind in that all and any additional accountant’s costs, including any necessary specialists, are covered. As well as handling any necessary correspondence with HMRC for you, we’ll also offer real time or even in situ help.

Our tax investigation insurance is provided to you FREE of charge and is backed by Professional Fee Protection Limited (“pfp”) the UK market leader in this type of insurance.


We are happy to help with putting together business plans and forecasts or in reviewing ones that you have prepared or received. We’ll always try to do this work as part of our fee, but if it takes a little longer – or becomes a more lengthy exercise – we’ll have to charge a little more, but not before we’ve told you and agreed any additional fee.

Business plans and forecasts are easy to prepare incorrectly; anyone can show a profit of £10m a year in 3 year’s time if you use the appropriate assumptions about your sales growth (you don’t need to watch more than one edition of Dragons’ Den to know that). Our business plans and forecasts involve grilling you to convince us that the sales will come, the margins will be maintained and the overheads won’t spiral out of control.


Getting a mortgage when you run your own business if often more difficult than it should, with mortgage providers wanting to see accounts and self assessment returns. As established accountants we help lots of people sort their mortgages out and have access to a host of specialist advisers who can help you.


If you’re not able to convince your customers to pay by direct debit you can often find yourself chasing long outstanding debtors.

Whilst we are not specialists in this area, we know people who are and will be pleased to introduce you to someone who may be able to help you collect those elusive payments that can make the difference between you enjoying your holiday, or not having one.  


When you’re running a business you’re unlikely to have the expertise or the time to be an expert in every field. That’s why we are pleased to tell you we have partnered with Bluebell HR, a small but highly effective provider of HR and employment advice (and with access to a raft of experienced employment lawyers should the need arise).

Your guaranteed fixed price package includes a 25% discount off Bluebell HR’s prices. 


Dedicated Account Manager

Your own dedicated accountant.  Not just the person you get put through to when you call, but an accountant who really understands and cares about your business and who will proactively contact you with ideas and relevant update.

Advice & Support

We will provide you with pro-active advice and help to minimise the amount of tax you are paying, as well as UNLIMITED ad-hoc help whenever you want it.

HMRC Registration & Liaison

All necessary registrations with HMRC and free incorporation of any limited company. Not forgetting all necessary liaising with HMRC on your behalf.

Free Cloud Accounting

Our FREE cloud accounting software with a FREE mobile app are available to you if you want to use them.  We’re also happy to take paper records with any additional cost being built into your guaranteed fixed price.

Free Financial

Take advantage of our FREE financial services review and FREE assistance with mortgage or rent applications.

Free Tax Investigation Insurance

We provide you with FREE tax investigation insurance to cover the cost of additional accountant’s bills if HMRC come calling.

Cash Back Introductory Scheme

Our generous cash back introductory scheme – £50 cash back as soon as someone recommended by you starts to pay us.

Cash Back Client Delivery Charter

That’s right! You scratch our back and we scratch yours!  If you help us to adhere to the annual timetable we’ve promised to deliver to, we will reward you with cash back through our Client Delivery Charter.




We want to be fair with our clients and want them to be fair with us. That’s why we set out our charter and offer you a further cash back if you help us adhere to the annual timetable we’ve promised to deliver to.

We promise that if you:

  • Meet our agreed financial timetable for supplying information and responses to queries.
  • Give us all the relevant information we request.
  • Take care to make sure any paperwork or scanned images are readable.

Then we will:

  • Ensure your returns are all submitted on time.
  • Work tirelessly to save you tax.
  • Give you an additional £25 cash back as a thank you.
  • Refund you a month’s payment of your fee to us.