We love the team so much, we created them their own page..

Stephen Towne


Stephen has been a chartered Accountant for a very long time. All his old family photos are sepia coloured.

E: [email protected]

Stephen Gair


Steve is studying for his ACCA qualification. He is also a qualified professional chef so is ideal for cooking the books. 

E: [email protected]

Chris Rex


Chris has a 2:1 in Accounting & Finance, studying his ACA. Chris is a music fan although he never brings any of his music to work...

E: [email protected]

Dane Barraclough


Dane is fully AAT qualified, about to start his ACCA. He is also an ex boxer, so we use him for the credit control often.

E: [email protected]

Charlie Stock


Charlie has 2:1 in Maths, currently studying for his ACA. He is a keen rugby and cricket player and supporter.

E: [email protected]

Jennifer Forsythe-Jones

Office Manager

Jennifer runs the office and keeps us in check, so we prepared this insert whilst she was out! (can't write too much or we'll get in trouble...)

E: [email protected]

Lucy Evans

Head of Payroll

Lucy heads our payroll support teamand is the main point of contact for anything to do with payroll and pensions. She also likes red wine!

E: [email protected]

Maria Jay


Maria is the one who bugs you to follow us on social media. Apart from annoying people, she also enjoys a gin or two...

E: [email protected]

“Chris gives me and the company great advice. There has been a few occasions where I have needed help quickly - His advice and response has been top draw every time. Very Professional.”

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We want to be fair with our clients and want them to be fair with us. That’s why we set out our charter and offer you a further cash back if you help us adhere to the annual timetable we’ve promised to deliver to.

We promise that if you:

  • Meet our agreed financial timetable for supplying information and responses to queries.
  • Give us all the relevant information we request.
  • Take care to make sure any paperwork or scanned images are readable.

Then we will:

  • Ensure your returns are all submitted on time.
  • Work tirelessly to save you tax.
  • Give you an additional £25 cash back as a thank you.
  • Or refund you a month’s payment of your fee to us.